Musée de la Batellerie de Poses

A journey in the past to discover museum-boats and waterway transport : the « Midway » and the « Fauvette ».

Discover waterway transport workers. On the two museum-boats in Poses, you will board the « Fauvette », a former tugboat. With 2 former waterway transport workers from Poses, you will observe on board life, accomodation, machine-room and wheelhouse.

The barge called  » « Midway » explains the history of the River Seine and the different navigation techniques.

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Poses is a village streching along the river Seine on 4 or 5 km. In the past, the wild river presented a navigation difficult, spot called « Pertuis de Poses » and almost all inhabitants worked for boat towing. After the dam was built, the locks installed the steam engine appeared, the inhabitants from Poses had to turn to boat towing, which became a speciality in the village for a century. The two museum-boats will make it possible for you to discover this past time when 90% of men were working for the river.

Emplacement 61 chemin de halage - 27740 Poses Téléphone Réservations au 07 85 65 77 58 ou 02 32 61 02 13 E-mail batelleriedeposes@gmail.com Heures Ouvert du 1er avril au 30 septembre du mardi au samedi de 14h00 à 18h00. Sur réservation pour les groupes de plus de 10 personnes du 1er mars au 30 novembre. Nous contacter pour plus de renseignements. Copyright © 2019 - Association des Anciens et Amis de la Batellerie
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